Creating a youtube channel to showcase my projected tagtool work


Hey Guys,

I use tagtool for so much of my creative process. While I share much of this work online via social media, I wanted to upload longer content for people interested in diving deeper.

I’ve just started a youtube channel I will be growing and hosting longer edits and what not of my artwork using tagtool, projection and digital medias.
I wanted to share this with the tagtool community because I hope what I do inspires you to think differently and pursue a creative path using these tools.

I hope you subscribe to my channel and I would appreciate any feedback and suggestions on what you’d like to see on here. More behind the scenes, making of, tutorials, etc. ?

Here is an edit I just finished of projections created while rock climbers scale giant boulders here in California.




Beautiful very nice. Your artwork interests me.
which technical path do you use? what software?
what is your technical path too. can you draw a picture?
I work with puppets .
Thank you for your answer