Tagtool Player - a new way to host Tagtool sessions on a PC or Mac


Yeah I’m getting crashes with the Player (and with Reflector 2 as well) and even worse getting hangups on the app itself when I have a few very complex groups. Had been doing a daily Tagtool animation on instagram and managed to get through 30 days with only a couple of big crashes, when doing lots of elements - like leaves (so I don’t do them now). Now attempting to put the various 30 groups on the one screen after three it hangs up. Guess there’s a limit, either the number of total layers, even within groups, on the screen, or less likely, the number of groups in the docks. Happy to be proved wrong, at least there is only so much content that can be created in an hour or so, which means less likely to crash if doing live drawing.
Have got the latest greatest ipad 12.9, not sure if there is any other option for maximum ipad power :frowning:


it’s really very risky to work that way. I imagine myself in front of 200 people for a show and the tagtool application stops…:scream:
In french you say c’est une usine à gaz


With the new iOS 11.3 the display is working again. Only re-connection of the external display during run-time is still broken, you need to restart the app and connect the AV Adapter again.

But it´s not crashing anymore and you can use it.


I agree with some of the others. Anytime I try to send pre-drawn items from the deck the app crashes or hangs or stops receiving anything. We had to cancel a show. Still love tagtool! Cant wait for the update.



Sorry to hear that you had to cancel a show. Thank you for staying with us during this awful iOS times.
This is also for us the first time that functionality got broken during a minor update. So far we have experienced that things break when a major version is released, but not between them.

As i mentioned in another post the new upcoming iOS 11.3 will be a bit of a relief. It looks like as if the issue with the external display is getting better. It will be released this spring - we already downloaded it on the public beta site by Apple.

Thank you for reporting the issues with the Tagtool Player. We will find these bugs and fix them.


I really like tagtool but the current problems do not give a feeling of security at all. How to engage in important artistic projects without security. It’s really very difficult.


I am working with tagtool player but there are always bugs. It’s a huge stress. The connection between the ipad and the computer, connected to the projector often stops. Suddenly we see the screen of the computer on the screen of the projector. How to have more security! It’s a pity…


I’m really sorry for all this. Tomorrow I have a scheduled presentation with tagtool in iPad Pro and Appel pencil. I’m going to use IOS 11.3 beta. It is not working with AirServer and syphon on resolume, but it is run with Tagtool Player but it is still not working with syphon and Resolume. I will use the old desktop Tagtool and Arduino as security. I hope this issue is resolved with this new update of IOS 11.3. Hugs to all.


It is very wondering in use to create animation fast. Tagtool Player is giving the live update and best performance. I can boost more performance using a boost of processor and graphics card but I am able to run on my laptop because hp touchpad not working and use it another way to run on my laptop